Testimonials received from a few of our customers:

From Dan Saegaert

“Just wanted to send a quick note of thanks for a great product. We are delighted with our FoldTite hangar door and it has generated quite a bit of interest here at Mallards Landing.

The assembly was straight forward and dimensions worked out perfectly. Everyone in my family is able to easily open and close the door. It is wonderful to have access to the entire framed opening of our hangar when the door is open. Also, by folding to the inside of the hangar, the door is protected from the wind and elements while open and my neighbors taxiing by don’t have an obstacle to negotiate. An unexpected benefit is the groove in the concrete stays dry due to the eves overhead during even the strongest of down pours. And the natural light that permeates through the paneling is delightful.

Attached are a few photos. Since installed, it seems like someone comes by each week to visit to see the door and we are happy to show it off!

Thanks again for a job well done!”

All the best,
-Dan Saegaert

From Doug Faucette

“This hanger door is inside opening on a box track. Worn hardware made it difficult to use. We purchased new door hardware through Foldtite Systems and updated the door. As you can see, everything works much better now, allowing one handed opening and closing.”
– Doug Faucette

From Bill Theobald