Custom Doors

Doors for Large Buildings

Here at FoldTite Systems, we understand how important it is to keep equipment housed safely. You can count on us to ensure that your industrial or commercial assets are secure with our custom-designed doors for large buildings.

Each door is suited to the function of any size building. Our innovative designs have an easy manual operation and require no external power source. They are manufactured by and shipped directly from FoldTite Systems, Inc.

We are located in upstate New York and provide support throughout your entire project, from the initial quote to quick installation. Call us with your requirements, and we will provide you with an economical solution.

Fully-Assembled Doors

Doors that are delivered fully assembled to the maximum hardware install make installation a breeze. Each unit is prepared according to your specifications. Panels are assembled in two panel sets with the pre-installation of the hinges , locks and rollers and panels inserted in a Jig for perfect squareness for fastener connections. Your fully-assembled door will come together in no time. It will arrive in protective packaging to ensure all parts are secured in transit.

Your Source Hanger Doors

Our non-powered hanger doors are manufactured from high-quality materials and are sure to hold up against any climate. We can customize your order to ensure it can withstand the weather conditions. General aviation aircraft hangar doors are dependable year after year.

Choose the doors manufactured by Fold Tite Systems, uniquely designed to fit your specific needs. Our customer service is unparalleled. When you order from us, we’ll provide you with a memorable, positive experience.