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Contact Us for Manually Operated Heavy-Duty Door Systems

Ensure your hangar or warehouse has the right door systems by working with the skilled experts at FoldTite Systems, Inc. We specialize in manufacturing manually operated heavy-duty door systems for aircraft hangars and other industrial applications. All of our doors are designed to withstand high winds, whether they are open or closed, and they can be customized to operate in various climate conditions. Contact us to learn more about our heavy-duty weather-sealed doors and to begin the design process for your own door system.

Custom Designed Hangar Doors

At FoldTite Systems, Inc., we understand the importance of having a properly fitted door for your hangar or commercial warehouse. Our skilled designer works closely with you to ensure the design of your door system meets the requirements of your project. We also have a range of door slider solutions to choose from. Once we complete the design of your inside or outside-hung commercial doors, our team will take care of building your custom system as you requested. We will also provide installation support to ensure that your doors operate correctly and that they provide ample weather protection for your aircraft.

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