Experienced Custom Hangar Door Designer

FoldTite Systems, Inc., custom hangar door designer

Owning a hangar can be troublesome when you’re looking for the right company to replace or upgrade your doors. That’s why you can trust us to have exceptional experience and skill as a leading custom hangar door designer. We’re here to help you make the most of your space; my partner John Wachowiak, and I provide outstanding customer service, focusing not only on functionality but aesthetics as well. FoldTite Systems, Inc. believes in helping aviators get the best aircraft care possible.

I’ve been in aviation since the mid-’70s, which is why I know that a hangar needs to be in the best condition to house one or more aircraft. My experience as a pilot has led me to fly coast-to-coast in both the US and Canada, which means I have firsthand knowledge about maneuvering an airplane in and around a hangar. As a hangar door designer, I’ve been involved in developing, manufacturing, and selling doors for as long as I’ve been flying. During this time, I realized that a non-powered, easily handled, manually operated, and the economically priced door is essential. We can help you design the door needed to fit your application.

Nothing brings you peace of mind like knowing your plane is secured behind locked doors, ready to use when you’re ready for flight. Contact us today to learn more about our custom hangar door designer and our services. We will be glad to help you get the doors you need.