FoldTite Stacker

FoldTite Stacker Folding Door Systems (CSA-2.5 FT)
Designed for the typical General Aviation hangar to tightly stacked and give the maximum door opening in your building. Door can be installed on the inside or on the outside of the building making it attractive for any climate or area.Heavy Duty FoldTite Stackers (CSA-5.0 FT)
Designed for larger doors and higher wind loads. Using our CSA-5.0 extrusions, wide and tall doors can be offered that meet the wind loads needed in demanding areas yet still operate without electrical power.

This is a Standard 53’ x 14’ FoldTite Stacker installation pre-assembled and pre-sheeted with Concealed Stay Rollers.

CSA-2.5 Fold Tite Stacker Exterior Install factory assembled with pre-installed half steel and half poly sheeting.

This is a large 60′ X 20′ FoldTite Stacker installation. Note the personal door in the left half of the door. It should also be noted how easy it is for an individual to open this large door.


  • Operates manually
  • No electrical power needed
  • Opens fully outside or inside building
  • Can optionally be installed inside the building
  • Strong wind load resistance
  • Multiple locks open as well as closed
  • Economical cost and freight
  • Sealed against the weather at all sides
  • All maintenance-free components
  • Exposed verticals pre-painted white aluminum
  • Hinges extruded aluminum heavy-duty with 3/8 inch stainless steel pin
  • Structural girts mill finish extruded aluminum
  • Padlockable Locking System Supplied
  • Walk door, window, and polycarbonate or steel sheeting options
  • The full assembly now available in our standard sizes including sheeting

Internal Install

Note this door is installed on the inside of the building and extends left and right of the columns allowing for a maximum opening width. The bottom guide system is utilizing concealed stay rollers. This door is in Vermont and the concealed stay rollers are well suited for the snow and Ice.

External Install

Note this door is installed on the outside of the building. The door utilizes clear polycarbonate panels for lighting purposes. The bottom guide system is utilizing concealed stay rollers.

CSA-2.5 Fold Tite Stacker

CSA-5.0 Fold Tite Stacker

CSA-2.5 Opening and Closing

CSA-5.0 Plus Wide panel design

New Fold Tite Stacker Hinge

  • Heavy Duty 6005A-T61 Structural Extruded Aluminum hinge
  • Painted white
  • Stainless steel 3/8” Bolt hinge pin with lock nut
  • Nylon Spacer between leafs
  • Two Leaf Standard with 3 and 4 leaf hinges on larger doors

Deflection Testing (CSA-2.5 Standard)

Deflection Testing (CSA-2.5 Reinforced)

Deflection Testing (CSA-5.0 Standard)

Deflection Testing (CSA-5.0 Reinforced)