Manufacturing Doors for Large Buildings

An aircraft is a valuable investment that should be protected. Ideally, you want to shelter your light plane, business jet, or ultralight someplace where it’s safe from the effects of the weather. Obviously, the best place to do that is in an enclosed hangar. That’s where Cool-Air Inc. comes into the picture.  Our company supplies doors for large buildings, such as hangars, warehouses, and industrial workshops., In our first blog, we’re going to discuss a bit about our company, our products, and what we do.

We are a business that offers custom commercial door solutions for a range of customers, and we’ve been doing it for decades. We continue to serve customers nationwide with heavy-duty weather-sealed doors and similar products that need to provide a tight seal for large openings.

As aviation enthusiasts ourselves, we know what makes a good hangar door. It has to be secure, weather-proof, and easy to use. When you’re rolling your Super Cub out into the bright morning sunshine, the last thing you want to worry about is fighting with a stubborn door or having to squeeze through an opening where the door is mere inches from the wingtips.

We’ll make sure you and your plane benefit from having the best folding or sliding commercial hangar doors possible. And if you’re looking for wind-resistant commercial doors for your manufacturing facility, we’re happy to help with those as well.