Fold Tite Inside Slider

Multiple, Narrow Panel Inside Slider Door System (CSA-2.5 IS/CSA-5.0 IS)
Sliding inside, down the side wall of the building, moves the door away from bad weather, away from snow or winds. The door operates smoothly by manual effort and stores on the building side wall yet allowing storage space

This is a video of the operation of the Inside Slider door system. Note that after the door is closed, the owner then closes the personal door which is hinged to the last panel of the right side of the door. So in this instance the far right panel acts as a very tall personal door.


  • Operates manually
  • No electrical power needed
  • Small panel width makes turning corner easy
  • Steel, aluminum or polycarbonate sheeting cover each panel without cutting width
  • Maintenance-free pre-painted aluminum verticals and mill finish extruded aluminum girts
  • Balanced lifetime warranty trolleys
  • Top and bottom seals
  • Starter hinged panel operates with lock as a walk door for building access
  • Heavy-duty cannonball round track hardware
  • Suitable in high wind loading climates
  • Full assembly in our standard sizes including optional sheeting