About FoldTite Systems, Inc.

FoldTite Systems, Inc., custom hangar door designerDesigning and Developing Commercial Hangar Doors

My partner Bob Nachtman, my brother Phil and I will assist you in your efforts to find a solution to your door needs. Even if the door is not our product! I’ve been in aviation since the mid-’70s and have flown from coast to coast in the US and Canada. We understand how important aircraft care is today and what it is like to handle a plane in and around the hangar.

It really adds to your peace of mind to have a plane hangar with the door closed for protection. My professional life has revolved around large doors. I have been involved as a hangar door designer, developing, manufacturing and selling doors since the ’70s. During this time I have realized that there is a need for a non-powered, easily handled, manually operated and economically priced door. We can help you design the door needed to fit your application!

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